An Awesome Medley
DIRECTIONS:  Wash white, brown, or wild rice in a strainer.  Heat  water in a one pot, add one dash of salt, one tablespoon of vegetable oil. Add rice to the pot and bring to a boil. Heat for 11 minutes.  Stir quarterly through the 11 minutes.  Rinse one head of corn and peas in a strainer. Cook over medium high heat for 8 minutes. Use store bought chicken chunks in a can.  Cook on an inside grill to heavily browned on both sides.  Season both sides with season salt.  Cooking time is normally between 10-12 minutes till you get multiple cooking ridges on both sides.  In a small dish combine onion powder, pepper and basil.  Mix into rice, after it has been cooked and drained on any additional fluids. Combine rice, corn, peas and grilled chicken in a decorative bowl and your ready to eat. 

One head of corn (or one can)
One can of peas
One can chicken chunks 
Vegetable Oil
Season Salt
Onion Powder
Garlic Bread
Strawberry Seltzer Water
 One bottle of seltzer
 One gallon of water
 Five Strawberries
 Strawberry flavoring
Directions: Take one gallon of water. Add water to large pitcher. Add one bottle of seltzer water.  Dice 5 strawberries. Discard the stem.  Add strawberry flavoring first then add your diced strawberries.  Sprinkle a dash of sugar and stir.

Your Done



Ever had a Turkey Burger? 
Consider making a Turkey Burger instead of red beef patties.  Top the Turkey Burger with Pepper Jack and American cheese, then add lettuce, a tomato slice and onions. Toast the bun for extra taste. 
Maddest of your choice: Use Honey Dijon, Mayo, Hot n' Spicy Barbecue or Blue Cheese. 

Did you know Squash makes great French fries?  You can boil them, or fry them in a thick layer of butter and oil. Dip them in ketchup or serve them on the side. Either way they make a tasty treat.
When you shop make educated decisions in reference to choice. A lot of companies are revamping their product image and ingredients to catch up with popular control demands of less trans fat. Examples are frozen pizzas, and fast food chains.  They are making concerted efforts to change one ingredient: their oil base.  Even though we have had this knowledge for a long time, all our most popular companies haven't caught up, however they seem to be re-introducing the trend. Remember oil is great for the body.  Great for cellular membranes, a good source of fat for developing infants and children and great for general health purposes.  So make the most of your meal, and support the new change in their product line.  Just don't lose the flavor.
Don't have a green thumb?  Bet you can grow these. Ever thought of cutting down on your bill and making a small patch of yummy outside. Well you can.  Grow onions, potatoes, yams, or lemon herbs. 
Onions, Potatoes, and Yams are great for Stew.  Have a hardy meal in the winter time.  Or make a refreshing salad in the summer time.  Either way, these make a great introduction to your kitchen, and can even sometimes be used for decorative effects in a basket display.
Lemon Herbs go great in Tea.  Lemon Herbs grow themselves and require little attention. They make a wonderful presence in your garden, and have a nice aroma. Create a small gate around them to differentiate the plant from the rest of the garden.  Keep the bush trim every other week.  The lemon herb leaves should be rinsed with water before flavoring your tea. You can also use lemon herbs as a garnish.  
If you decide to grow an item that is low maintenance, make sure you take care of the surrounding aesthetics.  Petunia's and impatient are some of the easiest flowers to grow in reference to grooming and maintenance.  They grow rapidly and are easy to maintain.  Impatient's make colorful hybrids after a few years of consistent re-planting. They make a wonderful display for loved ones and friends. They are also affordable.  Petunia's are wonderful in sight as well as presence.  Water both plants everyday for the best and most effective upkeep.  
After your flowers are in bloom they make a wonderful table display.  You may want to consider ornamenting the house with there wonderful aroma and presence.  Also consider the same for your lemon herbs. 

If you do not have a green thumb or the ability to grow your own plants, consider purchasing flowers at your local market for a nice display.  They are fairly cost effective and easy to maintain. 

Sample Healthy Home Menu

A Tasty Breakfast Choice:  A Green Olive and Cheddar Cheese Omelette

A Delightful Healthy Dish:  Chicken Black Bean Potato Salad with Rye Bread

A Tasty Snack:  Blueberry Danish with Heavy Cream

A Delightful Dinner Option:  Honey Glazed Chicken, Baby Red Potato Fries, Fried Green Beans and Side Salad (tomato, lettuce, garlic and basil.)

A Nice Desert Option:  Lemon Sherbet Cheesecake or A Coffee Caramel Sundae with Coco Beans. 

A Beverage Idea:  Cranberry Soda

  Recommended Refrigerator Settings
Refrigerators 38 to 40 degrees F, Freezers should keep foods at 0 to 2 degrees. 
 Normal/Medium setting on your dial are preferred. 
To be extra safe use a thermometer to gauge the temperature yourself.
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