Tiny Hands
Tiny surgery machine for small animals. 
A robot (machine) that can operate and do surgery on areas of work that normally could not be achieved by humans due to size variables. 

Invio:  Long lasting freezing.  Fruits and veggies that wont go bad, ever. 

Pets Pads: In the house.  The Pet Pads at Amusement parks.  The Great Potty. Private mommies at the start of every ride.

Simulation Aquarium in your Living Room Table or LCD Display Television with a timer and a remote.   

New Year's Ball Simulation with a timer and remote.

Unbreakable CD''s/DVD: CD/DVD that can not break or skip.

Trashman:  Trash can with a remote top.  Remote can be used from the interior portion of your home while the trash can is still outside. The trash can top comes with a locking code as well as a autotimer. The trashman is also available on wheels, with a auto timer, and locking lid. 

Pet Cam:  Camera for your pet while your away. Camera can be attached or detached to an auto feeder. Comes with 5 Auto commands.

Mr. Doggie Pickup Helper:  Can be used in the backyard to pick up poop from your pets.  Mr. Doggie Pickup Helper is safe to use for all animals. Mr. Doggie Pickup Helper has an autotimer function for picking up fecal mater.  Should be used with an Exterior Pet Cam while away from home. Five commands and voice control. You should practice Mr. Doggie Pickup Helper with your pet before going away. 

Wimie for your Pet. Personal Assistant for your pet. Comes with 5 commands as well as a pet camera. 

The IRMI: Irrigation System. Urban or Suburban plant bed with built in irrigation system made especially for the interior parts of your Home or Apartment.
IRMI: Hanging Garden
IRMI:  Flower Garden
IRMI:  Food Planter (Fruit and Vegetable Planter)
The Irmi is Vertically Stationed with an internal irrigation system which enables them to be watered from the top as well as the sides. Horizontal designs are also available. 

(Upper spout for water and feeding.  Side spouts to assist with water flow, air circulation and feeding. Caps available for the side tubing structure to control water flow while and after watering.  The Upper and side tubing can be used to insert plant food safely.)

Dog Books
Would you like to Read a book to your Dog? Dog books are a great way to teach your pet shapes, colors and symbols. Tell your Dog you Love them by getting a personalized dog book with their name or if you have a lot of pets get one for your household with your family name. 11-16-2017